The Cancer Vanguard’s Pharma Challenge has seen us work in partnership with the pharmaceutical company Amgen to bring cancer treatments closer to home.  This project has featured in a short film as part of the Royal Society of Medicine’s 21st century healthcare programme.

The film features UCLH Cancer Collaborative director, Nick Kirby, and lead cancer pharmacist Pinkie Chambers, as well as Paola Domizio, a UCLH patient who is taking part in the pilot project.

As part of the Cancer Vanguard, UCLH Cancer Collaborative has partnered with Amgen to map out how some breast cancer treatments can be delivered in patients’ homes or in community settings under the care of their doctor. For patients who want to do this, it can save travel time and waiting in hospital clinics. This is good news for patients and may also demonstrate savings to commissioners. To read more about it, click here.

You can view the film here.