The NHS England National Cancer Strategy, Achieving World-Class Cancer Outcomes, was published in 2015 by the Independent Cancer Taskforce. The taskforce looked at how cancer services are currently provided and set out a vision for what cancer patients should expect from the health service. The report included 96 recommendations to help transform the care that the NHS delivers for all those affected by cancer.

A plan was launched by Cally Palmer, National Cancer Director for England, to make these changes a reality by 2020. Its key strategic priorities are to:

  • Radically upgrade prevention and public health
  • Lead a national drive for earlier and faster diagnosis
  • Put patient experience on a par with clinical effectiveness and safety
  • Transform our approach to living with and beyond cancer
  • Invest in high quality modern services
  • Transform commissioning, provision and accountability

This includes the establishment of 16 Cancer Alliances across the country to lead implementation of the strategy locally. With the three Alliances that form the Cancer Vanguard leading, they will rigorously pilot and roll out effective and efficient ways to plan, pay and direct the delivery of cancer services.