Cally Palmer at Cancer Vanguard shared learning event March 2017

Cancer Alliances were urged by NHS England’s National Cancer Director Cally Palmer to set the pace for change in services at the Cancer Vanguard sharing event on 23 March.

In her opening remarks, she said that while the NHS delivered ‘brilliant’ cancer services, the Vanguard and the alliances had the opportunity to take the lead in delivering change. She said the emphasis should be on eradicating variations in services, improving early diagnosis and supporting those people who were living longer after a cancer diagnosis.

The event, hosted by the Cancer Vanguard, provided an opportunity for it to share its learning with the alliances to support their local improvement programmes.

Held at the Royal College of General Practitioners in London, the event marked the end of the first year of the Cancer Vanguard’s two-year programme.

Cancer Vanguard clinicians and programme leads delivered sessions on a number of themes, including cancer prevention, primary care education, early diagnosis and medicines optimisation. There was also a panel discussion on operational governance and the various models the Vanguard is trialling for delivering cancer services.

The event was supported by people affected by cancer who contributed throughout the day and especially to the panel discussions.